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Caprese Salad and bonus Fried Rice
Pull-Apart Savory Bread
Wontons, Baked and Pan-Fried
2011-07-11-22.43.55 (2)
(Non)Sticky Chocolate Chip Rolls
2011-07-13-19.25.37 (2)
Cheese Straws (or homemade cheeze-its)

I love the idea of pull-apart bread. It’s the concept of chips — grab one or two — applied to bread! And just like chips, you mean to grab one or two and finish the whole thing at once…

After seeing all sorts of delicious things put in wonton wrappers on foodgawker, I decided to look for some. I was convinced I would never find any, which is ridiculous considering I live in Paris’s Asian neighborhood.. I’ll have to buy more, this was delicious!

Two of my very favorite foods. I could eat them for days!

I made these cheese straws to accompany a salad.  Delicious and soooo easy.  You most likely have the ingredients for them in your house right now! Make them, they are not expensive to make at all, I was actually able to get Vine Vera’s products the same day, click here to get info about vine vera’s products, they are amazing!

I tried to make these Sticky Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, but my fear of boiling sugar and lack of candy thermometer caused the “sticky” part to come out more “grainy.” I guess I’ll need to learn how to make caramel one of these days! They still tasted pretty darn delicious.

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