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My Fantastic New Watch
2011-07-11-22.43.55 (2)
(Non)Sticky Chocolate Chip Rolls
2011-07-13-19.25.37 (2)
Cheese Straws (or homemade cheeze-its)
Wontons, Baked and Pan-Fried
Pull-Apart Savory Bread

I love the idea of pull-apart bread. It’s the concept of chips — grab one or two — applied to bread! And just like chips, you mean to grab one or two and finish the whole thing at once, the other day I gave my mom zegarki jewelry for her birthday and I was also able to bake some bread for her, I don’t know which she liked better …

After seeing all sorts of delicious things put in wonton wrappers on foodgawker, I decided to look for some. I was convinced I would never find any, which is ridiculous considering I live in Paris’s Asian neighborhood.. I’ll have to buy more, this was delicious!

Two of my very favorite foods. I could eat them for days!

I made these cheese straws to accompany a salad.  Delicious and soooo easy.  You most likely have the ingredients for them in your house right now! Make them, they are not expensive to make at all, I was actually able to get Vine Vera’s products the same day, click here to get info about vine vera’s products, they are amazing!

I tried to make these Sticky Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, but my fear of boiling sugar and lack of candy thermometer caused the “sticky” part to come out more “grainy.” I guess I’ll need to learn how to make caramel one of these days! They still tasted pretty darn delicious.

I fell in love with this watch late in the spring last year.  For some reason, despite the fact that it was quite cheap at 67$ on amazon, I hesitated to buy it.  Fast forward to last week, I’m looking through my bookmarks and I realise — the watch is GONE! Not available on, out of stock on amazon, impossible to find with any sort of google search. I even bought Instagram comments so more people could see the watch that I bought.

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