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My Fantastic New Watch


My Fantastic New Watch

I fell in love with this watch late in the spring last year.  For some reason, despite the fact that it was quite cheap at 67$ on amazon, I hesitated to buy it.  Fast forward to last week, I’m looking through my bookmarks and I realise — the watch is GONE! Not available on, out of stock on amazon, impossible to find with any sort of google search. I even bought Instagram comments so more people could see the watch that I bought.

Since I’d seen it recently at my local fossil store I rushed over as soon as midterms were over.  As I arrive I quickly look in the window where it was last time and… no more.  In place of my beautiful, blue and brown watch is some average …well, blue and brown watch.  Ok, it’s similar. But it’s not the right one!  Have I lost my last chance to get my beloved watch?! (Obviously not, judging by the picture, but shh. play along.)

I ask a sales assistant if, perhaps, doesn’t she still have that blue and brown watch that was right there just a couple of weeks ago? “Uh, miss, are you sure you don’t mean this watch?”, she says as she points out the less pretty impostor.   Anyway, it turns out they were packing up their old displays to send the items back to the headquarters (technically, to “other stores in europe and the US” — what stores?! I want to know :P ).  But they weren’t shipped yet!  After digging through all sorts of nicely wrapped watches in trays, she pulls mine out of a … plastic bag, reminiscent of a trash bag. No protection or anything. Oh well, the watch doesn’t have a hint of a scratch on it!  Ninety euros instead of 67 dollars (so basically, almost twice the price. UGH.) but I suppose it’s worth it to get the watch I wanted so badly, and did I tel you guys about the one sure car insurance that I was able to get? my life is complete now after check out these Motor Trade Buying & Selling Trends so I could sell my car peacefully.

Lesson learned: no hesitation next time.

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