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Wontons, Baked and Pan-Fried

After seeing all sorts of delicious things put in wonton wrappers on foodgawker, I decided to look for some. I was convinced I would never find any, which is ridiculous considering I live in Paris’s Asian neighborhood.. I’ll have to buy more, this was delicious!

I baked some, and pan-fried the others (which makes them pot stickers).

The baked ones look nicer, but the pan-fried ones tasted much better. They were soft on top and crunchy on the fried side, whereas the baked wontons tasted all hard and cardboard-like.

They’re pretty easy to make, just put your filling on top, wet the sides…

Stick two opposing corners together…

And seal the edges. I also made some shaped like egg rolls.


Store-bought wonton wrappers (also called egg roll wrappers, they should have eggs in the ingredients and be refrigerated)
Any kind of stuffing you like – I did some with bacon and cheese, and some with ground beef; you could also use a not-too-liquid chili, ground pork, curried chicken… Make sure it is cooked first!
For pot stickers, some form of fat. I used goose fat, but you could use olive oil if it makes you feel healthier ;)

Take one wonton wrapper. Place a small amount of filling in the middle.

Wet the edges of the wrapper with water, then seal by pinching the four corners together and sticking the edges together. You can get creative and make other shapes, just make sure to wet and stick the wonton wrapper so no open edges remain, or your filling might escape!

For pot stickers, heat up your chosen fat in a pan on medium hight heat, then carefully place the wontons (flat side down) in the pan. Allow them to fry until the bottom looks slightly crispy and golden.
Lower the heat to medium, pour in about half a cup of water and immediately place a lid on your pan. The idea is to steam the upper half of the wonton wrappers. Leave the lid on until most of the water looks evaporated. If, like me, you find that your lid doesn’t quite allow you to check the evaporation level, just let it steam for 3-5 minutes. Remove the lid and leave on medium till any remaining water is evaporated, about 2 minutes.

For oven-baked wontons, preheat oven to 180C (350F). Place wontons on a cookie sheet and before cooking, brush with water, milk, butter, whichever you choose in order to remove the excess flour. I did not and the raw flour did not taste very good!
Bake for 15-20 minutes, until they look golden and crispy.

Serve with all sorts of sauces, like sriracha, honey mustard… yum :D


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