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Wontons, Baked and Pan-Fried
2011-07-13-19.25.37 (2)
Cheese Straws (or homemade cheeze-its)
Caprese Salad and bonus Fried Rice
Pull-Apart Savory Bread
2011-07-11-22.43.55 (2)
(Non)Sticky Chocolate Chip Rolls


I love the idea of pull-apart bread. It’s the concept of chips — grab one or two — applied to bread! And just like chips, you mean to grab one or two and finish the whole thing at once…

I tried to make these Sticky Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, but my fear of boiling sugar and lack of candy thermometer caused the “sticky” part to come out more “grainy.” I guess I’ll need to learn how to make caramel one of these days! They still tasted pretty darn delicious.

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